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Madrid - SPAIN



We are an infant-primary school belonging to the public education Spanish system.

The school is located in the southwest part of Madrid city. We are a community of 450 students and 30 teachers aprox. Our students have a low-middle/middle class background and some of them come from other country or ethnia. Almost all of our teachers have a permanent  jobposition in the school.

We believe in an inclusive, democratic, active and participating education process, with equal opportunities for all.

Among our aims we look forward for the total developing of skills and abilities (cognitive, social, emotional, ...). We work with a constant language awareness, keeping in mind the importance of the learning of languages for the complete education of the child. English language is being tought from the age of 3.

We are open to Europe and the world, having participating in two European school friendship projects and being host school for different student exchanges and teacher training programmes from abroad and from our own country. We believe in the good imput on all the school community of getting to know other countries customs, educational systems, languages , cultures and traditions.



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