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The Belgian students made a creative journal of the LTT in Romania. 

You can watch it on You Tube.


Only one month after the exchange in Oudenaarde we were heading for Branesti. For most of the children and teachers the first time they visited Romania. The weather was fine, the food delicious, the people very welcoming.

The Belgian team visited the Palace on the day of Arrival, the other partners went to see the Old Town. In the evening children and teachers met at the hotel and went for a very pleasant dinner in a restaurant. The pupils immediately made new friends.

On Monday we presented our schools and countries to each other. After that we visited the school in Branesti. It was very nice to see some students again who went to Belgium. Pictures were taken, classes were visited and we had lunch together. In the afternoon all children followed lessons in mixed groups. The day ended with a Erasmus Stall, where children shared information, food and drinks with each other about their country. Time flew, before we realized the day was already over and we headed back to Bucharest.


The next day we had two workshops about bullying and how to prevent it in the House of Teachers?. Lunch was held in a very nice restaurant in a forest. In the afternoon the children had a drama workshop, led by a famous filmactor.

In the evening there was time for visiting the old town of Bucharest, see the fountains and buy souvenirs.


On the last day there were different workshops in the school. He children made a very big banner, created a flash mob and rehearsed the play.

In the afternoon a TEDx was organized, where all countries talked about preventing bullying and befriending.

After the certificate ceremony, everybody joined the farewell party, definitely the most exciting experience of the exchange.

It was very had to say goodbye after such a nice exchange. Thank you Romania and all the partners for the nice week.

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