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Scoala Gimnaziala nr.1 Branesti is a primary school, located in a disadvantaged area in a rural suburb of Bucharest.

Our school consists of approximately 470 students of which 23 are from the villages near Branesti, 5 are roma, 17 are special needs, supervised by 32 teachers. 3 students came back home with their families from Belgium, Spain, Greece. 

They are facing many obstacles, the linguistic one being the worst.

The school develops the European school curriculum in order to grow the students' knowledge.

The possibility to achieve this partnership opens new perspectives for the students to study the cultural heritage, the social inclusion, freedom, tolerance, diversity and how to work with others (informing, sharing, supporting) and how to get involved in decision making. We value the uniqueness and importance of every student and will seek to help them form a sense of their own worth through developing self confidence, self expression and the ability to relate withpeers and others, while at all times making allowances for diversity among people. Our students show great interest in language learning, the use of ICT, exploration and discovery, the arts, music, dance, sport, literature. We support our pupils  by combating early school leaving due to any form of bullying, harassment, and intimidation. 10% of the our pupils considered they were online bullied. By the help of this Project, we will integrate all students, so everyone will feel valued and appreciated.

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