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European Challenge

Bijgewerkt op: 13 nov. 2021

On the last Friday of every month, all the children from the Belgian school come together in the playground to celebrate the birthdays, to talk about past activities, to present the topics they studied in class…

In October, each class was given a European assignment. The smallest children (Kindergarten) had to create a new flag, of the flags of the 5 partners.

Children from grade 1, 2 and 3 had to say ‘Hello, how are you’ and ‘Welcome to Belgium’ in Turkish, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and French language.

The children from grade 4, 5 and 6 had to cook or bake a typical ‘foreign’ dish for all the children at school.

So on Friday everybody tasted meatballs, patatas bravas, tortillas, sweet pie….

More about the new challenge next month.

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