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In each country children write poems about the project in their own language. After that the texts are translated in English and set on the website.  

After all the partners have uploaded their poems, the Portuguese partner made a digital book of it. 


Our poetry booklet

My family.jpg



Friends are like brothers

We’re always together.

We like to play the same games

And make everyone feel better.


Friends stand by you when you need

They’re always there for me.

They help you succeed

Love is the greatest that can be.


Friends want to get to know you

When you’re blue they always cheer you up.

They’re honest and always true

And they never let you give up.


Collective poem

4th grade class




Encontrei um menino

No cimo do parque.

A amizade veio ter comigo

Encontrei, então, um amigo.


Brinquei com ele

Todo o dia.

Até de noite

Com ele corria.


No dia seguinte

Encontrei-o ali.

A ternura veio

E dei ao meu amigo

Um abraço com amor.


Depois à noite

A união apareceu,

Prometi ao meu amigo

Que ficaria eternamente

Grato a ele.


Juntos a Felicidade espalhamos,


E carinho partilhamos

Até ao amor encontramos


Eu estou com 

O meu amigo!

O meu amigo

Está comigo!

A amizade está

Unida numa só voz.


Ezequiel Gomes

4º ano | 9 anos





Friendship is so beautiful

like a bright sky.

Having a friend is more powerful

than a treasure of gold.


I love friendship

it’s like a treasure hidden.

Friendship is playing

with the other children.


Playing with others

with no beating or malice.

Just having fun

in a feeling’s palace.


Friends help you

when you get hurt.

I love my friends

They’re always in my heart. 


We must take care of friendship

otherwise we will be without it.

Friendship is also love

affection, sharing and other positive feelings


Sara Bacanhim

4th Grade | 9 years old




Poems 5th and 6th year

Poems 3rd and 4th year




Vrienden zijn belangrijk
Cadeau geven aan je vrienden
Toch zijn er kinderen zonder
Om je heen moet er vriendschap zijn


Jelle, Victor

Vrienden zijn overal.
In België, Spanje, Portugal, Roemenië en Turkije.

Welke taal ze ook spreken.
Je begrijpt ze altijd.



I want friends over here
I want friends over there
i want friends everywhere
No violence, only peace
Is what I want for you and me.


6th grade

harde woorden
weggelopen naar buiten
komt het nog goed?


6th grade

Vrienden kunnen helpen
Ruzies bij te leggen
In de klas
En op de speelplaats
Nooit laten ze je vallen.
Dus onthoud het goed
Er is steeds iemand die je helpen kan
Niets is hem of haar te veel.



Soms zijn ze mooi,
Soms zijn ze een prooi 

Soms zijn ze lief 
en soms zijn ze een dief

Maar meestal zijn ze een superdief
Maar toch zullen ze er altijd voor je zijn.


Nienke, Yara



Vrienden moedigen elkaar aan 

En noemen elkaar bij naam 


Pesten is niet oké 

Los het beter op met twee 


Samen gaan we altijd spelen 

En zo leren we om te delen 


Lachen met vrienden is fijn 

En ook samen spelen op het schoolplein 


We maken hier veel plezier 

Hier zit vriendschap in de rivier 


Vrienden zijn er voor elkaar 

Was mijn vriend de hele wereld maar 


Als vuurwerk en explosief 

Vriendschap werkt altijd positief 


(Met liefde geschreven door de leerlingen van de MIRA klas)



WhatsApp_Image_2021-06-07_at_12.50.26 (2).jpg
WhatsApp_Image_2021-06-07_at_12.50.26 (1).jpg

Our Poetry Booklet

A poetry competition.


One of the activities of our project is the creation of a small poetry book resulting from the internal competition held at each partner school. Poetry is one of the most beautiful arts of expression. Through poetry, students can express their feelings and ideas about a subject or the world around them. The same goes for drawing and painting.

Thus, poetry contests were held with the theme of friendship, non-discrimination and combating bullying. This small book presents some of those poems in native language and in English, along with some illustrations and photos of the creative process.

You can view our book at:

If you like a pdf-download - Click here

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