The Romanian partner created a rhythm and melody for an international rap. Every school writes one stanza of the song. A part of the rap is sung in the mother tongue, but there are also some parts in English.

During the meeting in Belgium the children of each country will sing together the ‘Friendship rap”.


Rap Against Bullying ENGPortugal
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Rap against Bullying


Hey, we are students from Marinheira school.
Listen to these lines, don’t be a fool!
Pay attention, it’s Bullying that we’re talking about.
Be a good citizen. This is an evil we have to fight against, no doubt!


When you hurt others
It makes them feel bad
If you feel something inside
Respect others, don´t let them be sad.


There´s no place for bullies
We try to help each other
We´ll talk about it fully
Kindness wins, some way or another.


Peace, love and respect
Gain their love, be a good friend (x3)


We don´t bully in our school
Everyone is kind!
Everybody´s different
We don´t really mind!


We are children
And want to be
An example for
Everyone to see!


Friends at Home, Friends Abroad
Belgium, Spain, Romania, Turkey
Hear us! This is something we should all applaud!


 Rap de la amistad

Hola chavales, os vamos a explicar

En qué consiste la paz y la amistad.

El compañerismo nunca os va a faltar,

Aquí en el colegio Francisco Arranz.

Cualquier  problema podrás solucionar

Con los mediadores y el banco de la amistad.

Entre todos te podemos ayudar,

Para que en el cole, no te encuentres mal.

Escuchad amigos: hay que colaborar

Para conseguir que fluya la igualdad.

Todos juntos estaremos genial,

Con el buen rollo de este rap.

Getting bullied isn´t right,

Please… stop the fight!

Bully students aren´t nice

With everybody… be kind!

Show to the world

How strong you are,

Open your arms

Give someone a hug!



Todos juntos estaremos genial,

Con el buen rollo de este rap.

Rap Dia de la PazSpain
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 Rap Friends at home, friends abroad


MUSIC: Iustina ILIE, Music Teacher

LYRICS: Antonio Serban, pupil

PERFORMED BY: Antonio Serban, pupil, 6th Grade



Chiar dacă suntem diferiți

Noi toți putem fi fericiți

Prieteni buni mereu vom fi

Oriunde în lume am trăi


Even we are in different places

We can all be happy faces

Good and we ll always be

Everywhere in the world we would be.


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 Rap Friends at home, friends abroad

Hello everybody, this is Belgium speaking

We want to send a message to all of you.

We rap it in Dutch so you may not understand

But the chorus is in English so you will know what we meant


Welkom in België het is hier heel fijn                                  (Welcome to Belgium, it is very nice here)

We vinden het cool dat jullie er zijn.                                   (We find dit cool to have you here)              

Welkom aan Portugal, Roemenië Turkije                           (Welcome to Portugal, Romanian Turkey)

En Spanje dat hoort er natuurlijk ook bij.                            (And of course also to Spain)

Peace is spelled P.E.A.C.E.

That is our wish for you and me

The feelings you have we have too

We’re not so different me and you

KBO Volkegem is super plezant                                          (KBO Volkegem is lots of fun)

Want wij tonen steeds onze beste kant.                              (We always show our best side)

Pesten op school daar doen we niet aan mee.                   (We dont bully at our school)

Kom roep het maar luid en zeg ook nee.                            (Come shout it loud, say no to this)


Peace is spelled P.E.A.C.E.

That is our wish for you and me

The feelings you have we have too

We’re not so different me and you


Welcome to Belgium, to Belgium, to Belgium YO

Let’s play together and have some fun!