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Draw and Paint your rights

Each partner school organizes lessons about the universal children’s rights. Students then draw and paint their interpretation of the rights. The drawings are exhibited in the Erasmuscorner.


Draw and Paint Your Rights - The Story of Portugal


On November 20, the World Children’s Day was celebrated. It was on November 20, 1959 that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was proclaimed worldwide, and on November 20, 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. The purpose of the date is to highlight and publicize the rights of children around the world.


According to our project "Friends at Home, Friends Abroad", one of the activities is to Draw and Paint your Rights. Thus, taking advantage of that date, in the last weeks, all primary school students of EB1/PE da Marinheira, Portugal, carried out several activities in the Library class to get to know better and celebrate their Rights: storytelling, writing, drawing, videos and songs.


To end the celebrations, two technicians from the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth visited the school together with a professional storyteller to narrate a short story on the theme of this day, for students in the 3rd and 4th grades. All students were very interested and participated in all activities with great commitment and motivation.


With all these activities, our children became more aware that their rights must be respected so that they can grow up healthy, safe and happy, thus fulfilling one of the main objectives of our project.


Right to have an education.jpg
Selected drawings.jpg
Right to learn and play.jpg
Right to play.jpg
Children´s rights.jpg

All students were very interested and participated in  our activities with enthusiasm and motivation.

With the school work our students were  prepared to became responsable adults that will respect  all people rights no matter their religion, nationality or gender.

Children´s rights (1).jpg
Right to have a family.jpg
Right not to be discriminated.jpg

Draw and paint  for your rights - The story of Spain


The week of the 20th of November different classes worked on the International Declaration of Children´s Rights.

Drawing for Erasmus+ competition, writing essays, coloring pictures, making posters, watching videos and movies or organizing a group choreography were some of the activities done.

Children´s rights (2).jpg



The students of Romania used different webtools to make e-drawnings. They used 2.0 canva, fotojet, makebeliefs, calendermaker aand bookcreater. 


The children learned about “the Convention on the rights of the child” From 1989. It was the world’s most widely ratified human rights treaty in history.

After learning about it, some rights got special attention from the students:

*freedom of thought and religion.

*right to privacy.

*right to an education. 

The students found it very important that those rights are meant for every child in the world.



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