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KBO Volkegem

De Sterrenkijker

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KBO Volkegem - De Sterrenkijker is a primary school, located in Oudenaarde, 30 kilometres south of Ghent, the provincial capital. The school is located in a rural area.

We have 40 preschool children (2.5 to 6 years old) and 110 primary school children (6 to 12 years old).


Since 2010 has the school switched from traditional education to Montessori education.

Characteristics of our school are:

  • Learning in mixed groups (2,5 – 6 year ) (6 – 9 year) ( 9 -12 year)

  • The use of Montessori materials and other didactic materials

  • The emphasis on independence & responsibility for your own learning

In the video you can find out more about the

educational principles of Maria Montessori.


Cosmic education is also specific to Montessori education. In addition to knowledge about nature, science, geography, technology, ... cosmic education also gives our students appreciation for the earth and for everything that has been developed through human cooperation. Everything that lives and develops has a function in the larger whole. The human being has a special role in this, he can intervene and help to shape the world. We are responsible for maintaining this and for the peaceful co-existence of all people on earth.

In addition, our school also uses the KiVa- method. KIVA is a preventive, anti-bullying program. By giving KiVa lessons on topics such as peer pressure, communication, respect, recognizing, resolving and preventing bullying, we work on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the students with regard to bullying. The lessons focus on positive group formation and a safe class climate.

This European program fits in on our vision of cosmic education and the use of  the KiVa program.

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