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The values of freedom, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination are cornerstones of European societies. Bullying at schools damages these values.

It is a key factor in early school leaving, and has serious and long-term effects.

Objectives of our Project are:

- to reduce bullying at the schools 

- to share European good practices

- to increase the degree of awareness about bullying and to develop an anti-bulling school policy

- to promote peace and mutual understanding among pupils, teachers, parents, ...

- to strengthen and enrich intercultural awareness and dialogue between different ethnic groups, migrants and refugees

- to learn to empathise with others to challenge prejudice and discrimination

- to strengthen students' and teachers' digital skills and the level in foreign languages

Friends at home, friends abroad is a project under the Erasmus+ program of strategic partnerships for schools (2019-2021).

The project unites primary schools from Portugal, Spain, Roemenia, Turkey and Belgium.

It is a project focused on cooperation and exchange of good practices between schools.

Nearly 3000 students and 110 teachers will directly and indirectly involved in the Project.


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